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Phangka, a little village near Thong Krut Bay in Koh Samui, became the home of The Phangka Snake Farm in December 2005. Snake charmers from north eastern Thailand fondle some of the most shockingly deadly snakes in the world, including king spitting cobras, which can erupt at a mere touch, firing venom willy nilly into unknown territory and not thinking about the consequences. The show is staged in a circular arena where the snake handlers stand in a central pit. A steep wall and a moat keeps spectators from the snakes. The moat is filled with crocodiles, which pretty much scares away any snake with long term retirement ambitions. Bring your camera ! There are two shows daily at 11:00 and 14:00 hrs.

Samui Snake Farm also took part in two Guinness Book of World Records: "The Longest Stay with Scorpions", and "The Longest Stay with Centipedes". You can meet the world record holders, the Scorpion Queen and the Centipedes King, and watch their courageous stunts with their creepy little friends.

There are over 170 types of snakes in Thailand, but sadly only 50 species are venomous. Snake charmers at the Samui Snake Farm handle the largest venomous snake, the King Cobra, with their hands, presenting it to the audience for a chat. Look, but don't touch, or disparage.

The giant python, a resident of Koh Samui's jungle, is an animal of outstanding beauty. A close encounter at the Snake Farm is safe and an exciting experience you cannot afford to miss.


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